Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


Q:        How do I get to the North Park Boathouse?
A:        Click here for a map and directions.


Q:        Where do I park?

A:        Parking is available in the Rose Barn lot, across from the Boathouse.  Parking is also permitted along Pearce Mill Road.  Look for our volunteers to help guide you!  Please note:  General parking is NOT permitted in the Boathouse lot. Limited parking is for emergency vehicles and those with accessible parking permits.


Q:        How do I get my race bib and T-shirt?

A:        Early packet pick-up will be at Pro Bike + Run’s Robinson Township location on Friday April 6th, 11am until 7pm.   Race Day packet pick-up is available at the registration tent from 7:30am until 8:45am


Q:        Can I pick up race packets for multiple people?

A         Yes.  However, please be sure to wear the race bib that is assigned to you.  Timing chips are built into the bib and are assigned to individual participants, so if you wear one that is assigned to someone else, your results won’t match up with your name.


Q:        What does the course look like? 

A:        You can find interactive maps of the 5K and 10K courses here.  These allow you to check elevation too!


Q:        I registered for the “H&P 9.3”  How does that work?

A:        The H&P 9.3 is for participants who want to run both race distances, the 5K and the 10K, for a total of 9.3 miles.  The 5K starts at 9:00am and the 10K starts at 9:45am.  Therefore, you will need to complete the 5K in under 45 minutes in order to be ready for the start of the 10K.


Q:        I registered for the 1-Mile Walk/Run.  How does that work?

A:        The 1-Mile Walk/Run starts with the 5K participants at 9:00am.  We ask that walkers stay towards the back of the group.  Walkers will turn around at the end of Tennis Court Road and proceed back to the Boathouse lot and the finish line.


Q:        Can I walk the 5K or 10K?

A:        You can walk the 5K only.  For safety reasons and in consideration of the race organizers, EMS, timing staff, etc., walking the entire 10K race is not permitted. 


Q:        Are dogs allowed?  What about baby strollers?

A:        Safety is of utmost importance;  yours, ours, as well as your dogs and children.  Strollers and pets are permitted, however, pets must be leashed at all times and we ask that you consider the runners, walkers and adaptive athletes as you maneuver the course.


Q:        Are headphones permitted?

A:        Safety is of utmost importance.  While we discourage the use of headphones, we’re also runners ourselves, so we get it.  Please use your discretion and always be aware of your surroundings.  Should you choose to use headphones, please keep the volume at a level where you can hear race announcements, vehicles, other participants, etc.


Q:        Is there water available on the course?

A:        Yes.  The 5K has a water station at the half-way point.  The 10K has 3 stations along the course.  There is also water and food available at the finish.



Q:        What happens if it rains or snows?

A:        The event will take place rain/snow or shine.  If there is severe weather on race day, please visit this website and Facebook Page for updated information.


Q:        Can I get a refund?

A:        As a non-profit organization staffed solely by volunteers, we appreciate the support your registration fee provides.  Refunds cannot be given due to weather or your inability to attend the event.  Please contact us at AchillesPGHracedirector@gmail.com with any concerns.